M   Make it happen

Maintain a good and positive attitude. multiple students

Make a fight stop and not start. Alyssa

Make a friend happy. Jacob

Make a pact to do your best. Brooke

Make a positive difference in the world. -

Make a statement each and every day. Alyssa

Make every day one to remember. -

Make every move count. Michael B

Make every second of every day count. -

Make friends. Matthew

Make it happen. Brooke

Make it shine. Brooke

Make life worth it. Jack

Make others smile. Becky

Make someone smile. Jacob

Make the best of it. Ryan

Make the most out of every day. Gabby

Make today magical Katie/Emily

Make yourself proud of your accomplishments. Becky

Many starts with one. Becky

Marvel at the beauty of nature. -

Master and overcome your fears. Becky

Master technique. Katie/Emily

Master your ability. Mikail

Maximize your talents. -

Mentor others. Katie/Emily

Mind other’s thoughts and feelings always. Chris B

Motivate yourself to be the best. Brooke