Our School 

The Dragons' Tale is a family oriented school offering a safe environment of empowerment and positive encouragement. This is a style and a school for people of all ages and physical levels. The Dragons' Tale strives for mental and physical development of the individual. Utilizing a variety of exercises and teaching techniques, our students develop the proper form and technique of the blocks, stances, strikes and kicks, needed to build a solid foundation.

The Dragons' Tale teaches self-control and self-defense through basics, katas, kumite and simulated self-defense. Basics concentrate on practicing techniques while building endurance and confidence; they are the foundation. Katas (forms), develop focus, mental discipline and give practical self defense against single or multiple attacks. Kumite (sparring), enables the timing and reflexes needed to react instinctively and deliberately without knowing you opponent's attack.

This curriculum enables students to build self-esteem, confidence and respect, for themselves and others, while encouraging them to continually learn, grow, challenge themselves and overcome obstacles in all aspects of life. The Dragons' Tale strives to inspire our students to value integrity and honesty and to always do the "best I can with pride, honor and humility."


Our Name

Dragons are a well known, important part of oriental culture and tradition. Dragons symbolize wisdom, courage, honor, strength, power and humility. Those traits are among the most important a martial artist can demonstrate. Dragons also portray the duality in life; hard and soft, the yin and yang. We view karate not as a destination but rather as an epic journey; a tale. It is a journey of personal growth, challenges, and overcoming obstacles. The Dragons' Tale is the journey of two martial artists, who began their individual journeys along separate paths and are continuing their journey together on one path. The Dragons' Tale, is a merging of two journeys and two visions of the same style. 


Goshin Jutsu Style Martial Art

Goshin Justu is a martial art system begun by Grand Master Gerard Durant. He developed it after years of training in martial arts styles from Okinawa and Japan. Goshin Jutsu is a diverse system focusing on a solid foundation of techniques, knowledge, effectiveness, power and accuracy. It is a style that incorporates various aspects of many martial arts, such as; Aiki Jutsu, Aikido, Karate, Kubudo, Judo, Jujutsu and more.